Attack on Titan: Thoughts on the Live-Action’s trailer

2015-05-12 15.37.19

Best buddies for life!

Warning: Contains spoilers from the anime

The official trailer of the live-action version of Attack of Titan was finally released a few weeks ago, and I gushed at how awesome it looked. However, not all of the internet shared the same sentiments, which is expected. I’ve read the complaints and some of the issues they raised are understandable. It’s not like I haven’t been burned by disappointing live-action movies in the past. The worst culprits have to be romance movies adapted from shoujo mangas. They try to condense the plots into 2+ hours, and then styled the characters all weird and unrealistic. I really do not like the live-action of Koukou Debut. The manga was soooo good, but ugh, the movie took away all the sense of realism the mangaka carefully wrote. Continue reading