Halfway There (E01 – E08): Who Are You, Go Eun Byul?

Note: A bit of spoilers from 9 & 10 as well, as I just browsed through them.

Surplus Princess 2: Big's story

Surplus Princess 2: Big’s story

It’s been a while since I last watched a high school drama. Was it four years ago? I don’t really remember but I had been avoiding this genre like a plague because I watched too much of them during my high school days to the point of getting sick of the setting and I honestly feel too old to be watching these dramas. The characters are getting harder to relate as well; I feel like one of those parents (even though I’m not one) who can’t seem to understand the behaviours of their children. Hahaha. I’m also not into slice of life stories unless it’s a movie or wacky comedy. I need something more to keep me committed to the story. So, why am I suddenly tuning in to Who Are You: School 2015, the sixth and latest of the KBS School franchise which is famous for taking a realistic approach on the social issues in high school? Well, it’s because of the mystery.  Continue reading